Recently Attracted Reality Influencers


SJ Fowler’s new pamphlet 'Recently Attracted Reality Influencers' exhibits the ephemera of the internet through a broken kaleidoscope, disarranging and reappropriating the eerily familiar fragments of digital life in a hyper-collage quite unlike anything published before.

“If you are looking for poetry of maximum concentration of thought and feeling you won’t find it here. But if, like Wordsworth, you think poetry should be made out of everyday speech — which for Fowler is the automatically generated lingos of the internet — this could be the book you’ve been waiting for.” —Philip Terry

”It’s just meme, meme, meme with Steven J Fowler. Like some svengali of internet trash, here he orchestrates social media mishaps and clickbait into a warped chorus, which simultaneously engages and disassociates in its absurd and mocking warble.” —Vik Shirley